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His hair is so ridiculous. I love it.

Julia is a bit jealous of all the attention the bastard is getting from Bran.

Fear not, you're still his favorite sibling to throw in front of passing cars.

Arguing about who loves sports MORE and will get the magical lamp first.

Bran: I DO

Gee, calm down. It's not like any of you ever talks about anything else.


These two pictures are a perfect summary of their relationship. They're super close, it's sickeningly sweet.

Why did I ever took the perfect plants hack out of my Downloads folder? Good thing Angelo loves pulling weeds.

I bought them a computer so Arab will have better chances of finding a job (again) and hoping TS3 would keep the kids away from the motives draining ballet barre.

Eh. I guess she's not a fan of pudding.

Yep, pregnant again (first time on purpose, I think?). Just because I noticed none of the kids have Angelo's ears. Well, the bastard got pointy ears, but they're not Angelo's.

I was actually hoping to impregnate Angelo too, but he wasn't very interested in it (he kept walking away from the telescope). If only I had picked knowledge as his secondary....

At least Bran liked their new toy.

Er, I guess it wasn't the telescope he liked. D:

Nice job, jackass. She could've made a great spouse for you, somewhere in the future.

Just look at her cute half-alien face.

Arab is entertained.

You see she's already trying to get rid of the kids. Yeah, I'm with you there, Bran. I'm not going to play this legacy through college more than once per generation. Hell no. Control your hormones and patiently wait for your siblings to grow up.

Angelo: Whoisyourdaddy!

Angelo: Seriously, who is he? Tell me!

Angelo: This one's mine, right, honey?

Arab: How much more pregnant I can get? I've got better things to do than go on a date with my own husband.

Like sleeping. All she ever does when she's pregnant.

No wonder that's the official birthing spot. It's another boy, Francis.

And the bastard's growing up.
Angelo's such a happy cuckold. Adorable.

You're less creepy when you're not smiling.

Clutter = how much I love the sim, so lack of clutter in Jon's room  = eh.
His hobby is also sports, I'm not sure if I mentioned it before.

Bran found another passion because I wanted a heir portrait.

I just can't play without one of those neon lights in the house.

You two. :3

No matter how many times I "end services", the nannies always come back.

Francis: I must go. My people need me.

Bran's not rolling wants for specific careers, so he could very well be their full time nanny.

What?! His father called him? How is that possible? o_o They never even met!

Jon: Yeah, congrats on being promoted to the exact same position you had when I was born, loser.

Julia grew up. I didn't take any pictures of it because her glasses started to glitch and piss me off.
She rolled knowledge and fortune, and has the same LTW as her brother. I can't wait to reroll everything in uni.

This is like a family game for the Almonds. Catch, but with a catch.

Good old "let's go on a date to keep aspiration failure at bay."

Drink it up, baby. Can't have you dying before your children get into college.


So... yeah. In the middle of their date she rolled the want to fall in love with blondie #1. Again.

Wasting their money on fancy stuff like salmon when there's perfectly good two weeks old cereal in the fridge. Tsk.

Francis: i must--

Shut up.

I hate when they don't get to the cake, throwing 30 simoleons in the trash. They have a mortgage to pay, game!

Great. He's a clone. Of Julia, no less. Arab had another baby in between those two, I quit the game several times, and still I get a clone.

She's of course thrilled with the news. To have her own minion, imagine that.

I quit the last legacy I played because of a clone. At least he's of a different sex... I suppose I can try and change his personality via encouragement later.  *sigh*

Oh hai there interesting looking townie.

I made Julia run downstairs and greet him, but turns out she's a lesbian and would rather pass out from exhaustion than do it.
I always forget to check the sims' preference when they grow up to teens.

How original of you, bastard. We sure don't have enough kids with the body skill maximized in this house.

Oh Yellow Bowling & Eats. I take every teen of mine there at least once per generation.

Notice the chat bubble.

More pictures of Julia's face to make up for her glitchy birthday party.

Bran tries to include you in the family's activities and this is how you react?

I guess the charlatan is *puts on sunglasses * good with tricks.


Well, joke's on you, 'cause I forgot to spawn teen townies and you're gonna have to wait until college to fulfill that first kiss want just like I did.
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