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Heir poll, yeah. I know I said I was gonna play the kids through college, but it took me a whole sim day playing them in uni to realize that I simply hate it. I hate it. I tried, really. I downloaded cute dorms and cute community lots from slyndsey, I even spawned cute dormies. I enjoy reading about other people’s legacies college shenanigans, thoroughly, but I hate playing it. And since I want this one legacy to last, I’m not gonna force myself to do it. So I just went ahead and cheated their way to a college degree via fruit of life just to get the extra want slots.

Bran likes ladies with blond hair and makeup, but doesn't like the redheads.
He's got a degree in History; I think he wants to be unemployed go on adventures just like his mom.

Julia likes ladies with red hair and freckles, but god forbid if they have any facial hair.
She rolled the want for Mathematics in uni while fearing I would make her declare for Psychology. *snort*

Jon likes freckled ladies and gentlemen with glasses, but doesn't like them unemployed. That's his job in a relationship.
He didn't roll for any specifc majors (surprise!), but I made him pick Art, since his LTW is in the slacker career.

Francis likes chubby mechanic ladies, but dislikes cologne. The operation encouragement was a total fiasco, by the way.
He rolled the want for the, wait for it!, Mathematics major. But since he wants to be an architect I'll cut him some slack.

Vote HERE, because DW won't let me post one unless I pay for it.

Date: 25 May 2013 07:42 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] allisas
Voted! Alien lover perfect princess Julia got all my love. ^^

Date: 25 May 2013 11:47 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] thorarosebird
Go go Julia!


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