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This is Arab Almond, the founder of our legacy. Born in Al Simhara with a passion for color and hair, she ran away to Sim City, where she could pursue a career as hair model and would never have to cover her head again. She's a fortune/family sim who likes to play the violin on her spare time.

Well, she's still learning.

This is her legacy shack.

Not much of a "shack" at all, but Arab couldn't part with all the things she stumbled upon her travels around the globe for this legacy business. She wanted to maintain the memory of her past self alive.

Her precious violion? In exchange for a husband and a bunch of babies? Never.

Nothing is free when it comes to legacies, though: now she owes more than 20k simoleons to the bank.

Not that she's worried, mind you. She's a fortune sim; she's certain she could spun 20k simoleons out of thin air if need be.

But first she decided to try a more orthodox approach. A job as an Adventurer wouldn't be too bad; she had conquered the planet with her modeling career, the next obvious step would be the rest of the solar system, right? And so she set a new goal for herself: to be a space pirate, someday.

She never thought her great adventure would start in a cramped office working for some ambassador, but it'll do.

She's read about enough legacies to know she did not want to start her own with a kitchen fire, and the chinese takeaway and cup o' ramen she's used to sure won't be enough to feed a family.

A point of charisma skill was also her idea. She never really had to talk much modeling hair and felt the need to practice her speech.

Getting to know the neighborhood. She had her eyes on some pretty jewellery, but with literally zero simoleons on her bank account she was limited to browse. And browse for a possible spouse, too. By the way the men are cornering her, I'd say they recognize her from the magazines.

This one guy really piqued her interest (even though he's not really her type; she's more into brunets with some facial hair).

I don't get the attraction at all; they barely share a bolt of chemistry, but she kep rolling romantic wants about him.

I sent her home before anything too serious happened. We have higher standards for legacies, Arab; anything less than two bolts is not acceptable.

Another golden boy, huh? Or are you wondering about how much money he has?

Another one bolt kinda relationship. Poor Hisao in the yellow shirt wishes he had at least that with Arab, but got negative chemistry instead.

Music and dance are such an important part of Arab's life that it's no suprise Hipster Lumberjack's clumsy moves were a total turn off for her.

Sorry! But do come back next generation, will ya?

The neighborhood's bachelors are all lining up in her front yard. I find it a bit creepy and stalkerish, but Arab doesn't mind. She says it makes her "job" a lot easier now that she's spending most of her time at the office.

This one's making himself right at home, inaugurating the ballet barre even before Arab had the chance. This is the third guy she's rolled romantic wants about. The third with blond hair. The third one bolter.

He wants nothing to do with her, though. I suppose his IQ is too high to be seen dating an air-headed model.

Yes, dear, burn the pain away. He's not worthy of our legacy.

Bingo! Two bolts. You'll notice the brown hair and the beard, too. Too bad she was exhausted by all the wooing and all the exercising, but at least they exchanged numbers.

She's now a Multiregional Sim of Some Question. I'm not sure what is exactly that she does, but the outfits are getting better (she didn't let me take a picture of her Spelunker uniform).

Later that day... I'm glad to see your heart is in the right place, Arab.

Yes, show him how flexible you are.

I regret putting all of those multicolored geneticized eyes in my Downloads folder, but I suppose now it's too late. I am not getting any close to SimPE anytime soon.

He moved in! I had to choose between keeping his memories or his money; I think Arab's satisfied with my decision.

A successful date indeed.

Only then I noticed the tree breaking through the shingle. Ops.

Letter from past lovers.

Thankfully Angelo either didn't see them or didn't mind them.

Turns out he's also a fortune sim. I picked family for his secundary aspiration, too.

Hmm, so I guess the difference between Angelo and Arab is that he's an aquarius and she's an aries. I did not think this through.

He didn't bring in a lot of money (only 3k simoleons), much to Arab's disappointment. But it was enough to build them another room.

And a small garden for nature lover Angelo.
Why wait?

Don't worry, Angelo, she can't say no, it's in her legacy contract.

Even though she saw the blondie she first made out with at the restaurant and rolled the want to fall in love with him...

But she did have the want to get engaged to Angelo. Maybe it's a family aspiration thing, with the first sim in their lives and all.

And cut to their wedding day.

They proceeded to woohoo (thanks to ACR) in their formal wear, something I had never seen before.

This one would look lovely framed in their home. Maybe I'll get it before the 5th generation.

Oh noes, it's raining! It's an outdoor wedding!

Never fear. That wedding arch was very expensive and Arab's not about to let the rain ruin her day.

Moving, isn't it? How much their friends care about them? You can see it so clearly in these pictures, how not even one of them did so much as step outside during the ceremony.

What, a surprise pop? By that time I hadn't made them try for baby yet.

And a second pop, because not much happened besides Arab being more dead than alive all the time.

Mostly because of this. Arab, dear, go to sleep before you pass out on the floor.

Another second and I would've missed it.

It's a boy, with mom's hair, skin and eyes. His name is Bran.

Date: 4 May 2013 03:49 pm (UTC)
jensmustles: (Default)
From: [personal profile] jensmustles
Loved it! Completely in awe of your game and your editing. Just kinda stared at some the pictures hating you a little bit but completely loving you. Can not wait to see how Bran grows up!

Date: 15 May 2013 12:37 am (UTC)
selahgio: (Default)
From: [personal profile] selahgio
Great post :) Can't wait to read more. Arab is such a cutie. I was wondering where did you get Arab's bed?

Date: 26 May 2013 12:38 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] albatrosswing
I'm liking this. :) She is daring to wear a black wedding dress.. and OMG! Elf ears!!! XD

Date: 26 May 2013 03:14 pm (UTC)
ms_norrington: little moria hugging luna the cat (Default)
From: [personal profile] ms_norrington
awesome start. I really enjoyed the easy writing style, didn't think you were trying too hard to be amusing. I'll check out the others :)


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