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History my boring gameplay repeats itself.

Pregnancies are still a struggle for Arab.

Remember when I said, right in the first update, that I didn't want Angelo's geneticized multicolored eyes anymore? Well, apparently I've got NO SELF CONTROL. I deleted them and completely forgot about Angelo! For Christ's sake. Worst of all is that I'm so observant that I only noticed it much later.


Angelo: What?

Oh, nothing. It's nothing.

How deliciously evil. The kid only needs a mustache to twirl now.

Arab, I swear to god I'm letting the Grim Reaper take you if it happens again.

Julia's birthday. Don't get too happy about it, you guys, there's at least one more of those stinky pants coming.

Bran showed up late for the party, when his parents were already headed to the bedroom to take care of a, um, rising. Ahem.

She immediately let us know she's a fitness freak.

She's super srs, so I gave her some srs glasses, because all srs people wear glasses. Obviously.

Bran: Congrats, sis! Your man jaw is not so prominent anymore!

Go on and steal a bed for your daughter now, or rob the Goths or a bank, or something. I can't sell the old crib yet.

Bran: Look out, nerd!

I forgot to mention, but Bran's OTH is sports.

Julia: Nerd? Just because I'm wearing glasses? I never even been to school, you jerk.

Bran: Hey, I don't make the rules but I sure enjoy them.

Thanks for nothing, Angelo. Now I have to take the money I was saving to pay for Arab's mortgage.

A better shot of the updated exterior. The floorplan is a huge mess; Julia's room is inside Bran's, just because I was too lazy to rebuild the whole thing. I actually built them a bigger house with a cohesive floorplan, but 1) it's gonna take ages for them to be able to buy it and 2) I kinda got attached to this wacky one.

Julia's room. I shouldn't make them live beyond their means, but I guess it fits the the two fortune sims in charge of the household.

Will you give me the pleasure of popping/giving birth in some other spot than this, Arab?

It's a boy, and of course I named him Jon Snow.

I had almost forgotten about this YA nanny hack. And I'm not sure if you noticed, but I have them keep the lights on in all times. I was having a weird problem with shades at night, and instead of looking for a solution online I did this. :C

Trying to impress the nanny with her four creativity skill points.

OH FFS. I don't even know why, I just loaded the lot and this happened.

Yeah, I don't think you get "fired" from the Mob, Angelo. If I were you I'd keep my (correctly colored) eyes wide open.

Bwahahaha, I love that he rolled the want for a massage after that.

A day in the club to fulfill go swimming-play marco polo wants.

Synchronized diving!

Well, almost.

These kids could be in the Olympics in a few years.

And before they went home...

Fail, thy name is Angelo.

Don't worry, dear, you don't look a year older than you did three kids ago. Literally.

You're my first founder to get to the middle of life with a single cooking skill point.



Aaand this is weird, but when I looked in Angelo's career tab again, instead of unemployed it showed him as a getaway driver. Is my game borked already? :|

Hmm, yeah. I don't like your face. Short noses are my personal sim related pet peeve.

Guess who right away rolled the want to teach the bastard a nursery rhyme? Guess who never rolled any wants about the other kids' education? What is it, Arab? His recessive blond genes? Or just the fact that he's not Angelo's?

Look how cute this cover is. I wonder if anybody ever extracted the homework as clutter.

Bran: Neeeerd.

They get along very well, though.

Every time I look at this picture I hear ABBA's Dancing Queen in my head.

Bran: Look at this decent Maxis clothing I've grown into.

Bran: It surely is a sign that the game favors me as heir.

Yeah, you just rolled fortune AND FAMILY as aspirations. It's not gonna happen. Goddammit.

I forgot to write down his turn ons and turn offs, but his LTW is to make a 100k simoleons.

Should the bastard be in the run for heir too? He is a bastard, but he's still my founder's... Hmm.

But I really dislike his face. He looks like a lil goblin. :C
We'll see how his teen years will go.

Bran, what are you doing? Where are you going? Put the bastard down, this is not how you become heir. D:
(By the way, I've got nothing against children born out of wedlock. I just can't stop calling him "bastard" because of his name.)

You know nothing, Jon Almond.

Bran: But I'm sure gonna teach you.

Ugh, why are you all the opposite of what I want you to be?

Is this how all parents feel? Or is it just me and my mom?

And to end this update, I leave you with Arab getting fired again. You and Angelo are the worst fortune sims I've ever played.

Date: 18 May 2013 10:59 pm (UTC)
rake: (Default)
From: [personal profile] rake
Sometimes I wish websites like lj/ij/dreamwidth had the fb "like" feature because I tend to be awful at commenting. I look forward to seeing how the bastard grows into his face.

I feel like I can't say enough of how much I love your photoshop skills. Your pictures are just so beautiful.

Date: 25 May 2013 06:28 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I love this legacy =3 Jon looks the cutest in my opinion... also his name is Jon. x3 GoT.

Date: 26 May 2013 12:51 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] albatrosswing
Jon is a cutie! O_O XD


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